Here at Serenity Pest Solutions, we want you to feel comfortable with us as your pest control provider, so  comfortable it’s like we’re part of the family. We want each customer to feel a connection and see the value in the pest control and insulation service we provide. Our goal is to expand throughout the entire San Francisco Bay area, redefining the standard for pest control.
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Truly Professional Pest Control in Palo Alto

The primary services we provide are attic and crawlspace cleaning, pest proofing, pest trapping, recurring pest services, and insulation removal and installation.

As a hub of commerce and real estate, the Bay Area is particularly vulnerable to damage caused by rats and pests. While these pests present a number of problems, it is no secret that the profitability of a business or the value of a property can be damaged by an infestation. As such, we believe in providing individualized and professional service to each of our clients. Whether our clients seek comfort in their home, profitability for their business, or the retention and growth of value for their property, we are there to help.

We offer a personalized evaluation for each customer. As each pest problem is different, we are always available to provide custom solutions for each situation. Our goal is to ensure that each customer feels they were given special attention and that they received great value for their money. We pride ourselves on customer service and our excellent quality of work.

Why Serenity Pest Solutions?

  • The most professional pest control team. Our exterminators show up on time, get the job done, and treat your property with respect.
  • We’re locally owned and operated. Your support means we can support other local businesses and associations, and put more back into the local economy.
  • We’re fully licensed and insured. Our work and your property are always covered.
  • Superior response time. Our team offers 24 hour emergency service, same day service, and extremely fast response times.
  • We do the dirty work. Unlike many other pest control companies in the Bay Area, our team has no problem with attic and crawl space clean outs, skunk trapping and removal, and other “dirty work.”
  • We eliminate pests the first time. We can eliminate many common pest problems in just a single visit.