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What is Insulation R-Value and Why Does it Matter?

After a bad pest infestation, you may need to replace your insulation. If you start comparing types, you’ll notice that insulation products are given R-values, and they range substantially. Understanding the R-value is key to getting the right insulation to match what is currently in your attic, or to improve the insulation in your attic [...]

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How Your Home’s Crawl Space can Make You Sick

If you think about all the ways you can get sick, your list probably starts with external sources. Getting sneezed on or coughed on are generally pretty high on that list. But there are parts of your home that can also compromise your immune system, release pathogens into the air, and make you sick in [...]

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How Mice Get into Your Attic

Mice do not seem like natural acrobats, and are quite close to the floor, so how do they get into your attic? As unlikely as it sounds, mice typically prefer to spend their time in attics because they are warm and have lots of insulation, which mice use for nesting material. Here’s how mice get [...]

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Can Bed Bugs Live in Appliances?

Bed bugs are something that many people fear. They can cause itchy bites and they can simply make you uncomfortable. When you think of bed bugs, chances are you think of them in terms of your furniture, such as your sofa, bed, bedding and other soft items. But did you know that soft surfaces aren’t [...]

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How Long can Bed Bugs Live in an Empty House?

Just saying the words “bed bugs” immediately conjures an image for many of creepy, crawly, ugly and itchy little pests that are a nightmare to eliminate once your house becomes infected. They bite you in your sleep usually and because they inject an anesthetic before doing so, you won’t even know they’ve chomped down on [...]

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