Businesses are particularly vulnerable to the problems presented by an infestation. With the dominance of websites like Yelp and Tripadvisor, as well as the ease of proliferating photos and videos over the internet, even a small infestation can cause a business to close. Indeed, in the case of one chain, a single video of an infestation caused not one restaurant, but fourteen to close.[2] Restaurants and other food vendors are the most vulnerable as a single review citing pests online can lead to a massive loss in profitability. However, even when pests are hidden away in attics or crawlspaces, they can still represent health risks or property damage that can cost the owner of the business.

The hospitality industry is also at high risk when it comes to pests. Underestimating a pest infestation can be reputation ruining for a hotel. Like restaurants, a single review citing the presence of pests can see the profitability of a hotel tank. So too can pests cause massive headaches in property damage for hotel owners. Rather than seek to fix an infestation after it has already occurred then, hotel owners should opt for extensive preventative measures to ensure they are well protected from any invasion.

Lastly, retail and corporate businesses are also at risk. A pest infestation can cause nightmares in costly lawsuits, property damage, loss of reputation, and worker productivity. Like other businesses, it is always best to take preventative measures first to ensure a business does not fall victim to any of the effects of an infestation.

Serenity Pest Solutions can also help protect you against the risk of an infestation. The best defense however is to call a pest control provider and get extensive pest proofing throughout your home or property.
Knowing that your home or business is safe from an infestation will do more than clear your worries about rats entering your property, it also will prevent a small unattended infestation from growing into a much larger, costlier one.

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