Crawl Space Cleaning

Whatever is under your house will soon try to get in it. Your crawlspace may get several infestations. These dark, damp spaces are great shelter in the summer heat and give many pests the right conditions to multiply. Choose Serenity Pest Solutions to get a crawl space cleaning and moisture barrier installation to end your pest problems in your crawl space, often on the first visit.

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Why Get a Crawl Space Clean Out?

What is out of sight doesn’t stay out of mind forever. Having rodent, or mammal infestations in your crawlspace can impact the safety and quality of your property, not to mention your reputation. Larger creatures such as rodents will leave droppings behind that become smelly sanitation issues. Occasionally, pests will even die in the crawlspace, creating a hassle few people want to touch.

Your crawl space infestations may become an issue when you’re selling your property, having an inspector by, or simply having guests over. You need the pests removed, and you also need professional services to clean out the crawl space and leave it presentable. Serenity Pest Solutions does both during our crawlspace cleanouts.

How We Remove Pests from Your Crawl Space

Every home and business property is different. At Serenity Pest Solutions, we’re not afraid to do the dirty work of inspecting your crawlspace to discover the true nature of its problems. We pride ourselves on coming up with custom pest solutions that can often end your worries in a single visit. We understand the unique challenges that homeowners and business owners face in keeping their properties pest-free, and we have solutions that will work for both.

How Will Moisture Barrier Installation Help?

When we perform your crawlspace cleanout, we may recommend that you have a moisture barrier installed. Unfortunately, many crawlspaces lack moisture barriers. In the summer, the cool air from your home mixes with the heat from the crawlspace and creates condensation. This moisture attracts animals, like rats, that need to find a place to drink and stay out of the sun.

In the winter, warm air from your home may mix with cool air in the attic, creating the same condensation problem. Not all insulation types can effectively stop condensation—instead, the condensation damages the insulation over time. A simple moisture barrier will protect your crawl space from pests and your insulation from damage.

Why Choose Serenity Pest Solutions?

  • Discretion: For many businesses and homeowners, pest problems could damage their reputation. We want to protect your reputation, so we always act with complete discretion.
  • Quick response: Other pest companies may take days to arrive. While you’re waiting, your pests are multiplying. We provide 24-hour emergency service, same day service and fast response times.
  • True professionalism: Your property is your pride, and we treat it with respect.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: As we create custom solutions and give your property special attention, we can guarantee your satisfaction. Your follow-up service may be free, depending on what package you chose.
  • Family-owned and operated: We seek to give all our customers a family experience.

Reach out to Serenity Pest Solutions today for your crawl space cleaning. We are also happy to offer attic cleaning in Palo Alto, and throughout the Bay Area.

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