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Homes and businesses in Mountain View tend to suffer from specific pests such as raccoons, rodents and skunks. These creatures can make you uncomfortable and cause damage to your property. Thankfully, removing your pests is as simple as calling Serenity Pest Solutions. We’re the exterminators in Mountain View that can resolve pest issues in a single visit because we’re not afraid to do the dirty work.

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wildlife trapping

We Offer Comprehensive Wildlife Trapping

Whether they are getting into your garbage bins outside or your kitchen pantry, rodents and other pests can be a serious health and safety concern. They may also damage your property, including chewing electrical wires, drywall and insulation. They may also stain your flooring with urine and droppings. Catching these pests is the first step to resolving the issue. We can lay out traps for:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Other rodents
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums

We provide baited traps for rodents, squirrels and skunks and cage traps for raccoons and opossums. In general, we check ours traps every seven to ten days. Although we pride ourselves on creating custom solutions for our clients, so let us know if a different schedule will work for you.

After your pest has been caught and relocated, you may still need to pest-proof your premises in case there are more. Animals may have torn holes in your fencing, dug holes in your yard, or created a hole in order to access your home. We can pest-proof your property to prevent pests from re-entering. Our pest-proofing services come with a one-year warranty.

We Fix Damaged Attic Insulation

When you have a pest problem in your home, your attic is very likely to be damaged. Many pests prefer insulation as a bedding or nesting material. They also tend to relieve themselves in the insulation. Wet and damaged insulation won’t function properly and will cause an increase in your heating and cooling costs. We can fix any damage to all major types of insulation, including:

  • Batt and roll
  • Rigid foam board
  • Spray foam

We can fix your insulation whether or not the damage was caused by pests.

damaged attic insulation
crawl space cleaning

We Clean Your Attic or Crawlspace

Smells and damage in your attic or crawlspace can start to effect the rest of your home. It’s important to work with professionals who are willing to properly clean out pest damage in these areas, so that the rest of your home is protected.

Certain animal urines can carry diseases, encourage mold growth, or create awful smells. The same goes for animals that have perished. Dead animals also attract bugs. Other animal damage, may lead to plumbing leaks, electrical damage, or increase your risk of fire.

Serentiy Pest Solutions can completely clean out your atic or crawlspace so that you don’t have to worry about any of that.

Why Choose Serenity Pest Solutions?

Serenity Pest Solutions started with a mission to offer better, more reliable service than our competitors. We are the pest removal company that people call when they need professionals who will do the dirty work of cleaning out crawl spaces or trapping skunks. We’re professionals who believe in leaving your property spotless and keeping your pest problems confidential.

Choose us as your exterminator in Mountain View.

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