Between health risks and property damage, pests present a number of headaches for a homeowner. Indeed, nearly 30% of Americans reported having problems with pests in their own home, and 50% of those infestations occur in the kitchen. The tendency of pests to dwell in the kitchen places the occupants of a home at a greater risk of property damage or health issues. Due to their tendency to reside in nooks and crannies, they also can cause property damage by biting electrical wires or chewing through drywall and wood. These damages to property can also alter the safety of a home by damaging insulation or making a property more prone to fires.

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Pests can also present more direct threats to the health of a home’s inhabitants. Rats and other pests are known to trigger allergies, carry diseases, and can present the risk of salmonella and other bacteria through their droppings.

Unfortunately, many will simply brush off the first odd noise or smell they notice in their homes. However, neglecting to call an inspector upon the first suspicion of an infestation nearly always results in the problem exacerbating. As pests proliferate and become more comfortable in one’s home, health risks increase and damages that were initially easy to fix begin to require more extensive repairs.

Homeowners run risks by neglecting to pay attention to crawlspaces and attics as well. These are also a hot spot for infestations and can present even more serious health risks as they are often ignored. It is best to consult a pest control expert as soon as you believe you may be at risk of an infestation in these areas, as preventive measures can ensure that pests do not proliferate in these areas as well.

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Our highly trained pest control technicians will inspect your home thoroughly, looking for potential entry areas for pests, as well as signs that you may already have some level of infestation.

When we Rat Proof, we seal the structure searching for every points of entrance in the attic, top of the roof, crawl space, all the way around the property with materials that rodents cannot chew through.

We use Steel Mesh, Sheet Metal if needed, Concrete, expanded foam, wood and other materials.

Serenity Pest Solutions can also help protect you against the risk of an infestation. The best defense however is to call a pest control provider and get extensive pest proofing throughout your home or property.
Knowing that your home or business is safe from an infestation will do more than clear your worries about rats entering your property, it also will prevent a small unattended infestation from growing into a much larger, costlier one.

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